Read This – Introduction and Life Hacks

I would like to introduce you to something that my entire family is extremely familiar with, something I have jokingly termed “Read This,” which will be the title of another string of posts on my blog.  If you are a Sonageri and you are in a hurry, keep your head down and eyes off the kitchen table and you might make it out alive.  If not, get ready for required reading.  Dad prides himself on being well-informed.  He knows at least something about everything and he expects the same of the rest of us, which means that almost daily he will leave a newspaper clipping, magazine article, or printed out e-mail for me, my mom, and my sister.  Now that my sister and I are at school, he has been forced to accept technology to e-mail us everything (it was a slow process I assure you), but he’s finally figured it out (mostly).  Just don’t ask him to try and change the “input” on the TV.  Seriously, don’t.

Anyway, he might let a day or two go by, but you can be sure he’ll quiz you on the contents of the piece(s) by day three.  Now, Dad’s a smart guy, so when he tells you to “Read This” it’s generally worthwhile.  However, he does strike out too (in my opinion anyway).  And, because I’m his son and it’s my sworn duty to aggravate him, I’m sure to let him know when I think one of his homework assignments is garbage.  Occasionally he accepts that one of his articles was misguided, but usually not.  But who am I to say?  My sister noted recently that I now send the family almost as many e-mails as Dad (they also take me much less time to send, but that’s beside the point).  I guess I really am my father’s son.  I like to think my selection is better than Dad’s though, so on that note, read this (and by read I mean watch the two Youtube videos since I’m 20 years old not __ and know how to properly hyperlink).  They are both fun, interesting compilations of “Life Hacks” – silly tricks that make your life just a bit easier.  I promise you you’ll thank me later.  The Channel is called “Household Hacker,” and you can click this link or find it in my Blogroll, along with a number of other of my favorite sites/channels/blogs.


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  1. […] that you understand the nature of the ¨Read This¨ series, the posts will be much shorter and to the point.   I will continue with the previous […]

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