Journalism 2.0 – Tags and Hot Searches

I find it incredible that of the nearly seven billion people on this planet one individual can be found on the internet fairly simply and even more incredible that one individual can publish his or her thoughts and by simply labeling those thoughts with a variety of “tags” can be found on search engines like Google or blog sites like WordPress by complete strangers.  Whereas almost all major news prior to the turn of the 21st century relied exclusively on official print and broadcast media, the 21st century has been dominated by social media.  Because of technological advances we are able to witness huge events (basically firsthand) no matter where in the world they occur.  Political uprisings (see “Arab Spring” on Twitter), massive concerts (see Tomorrowland on Youtube), and the pictures and interactions of just about everyone through sites such as Instagram and Facebook are available to the world.  You can even use social media to job-search these days (see Linkedin) and do research (see Wikipedia but be sure to always check the references).  The use of “Tag Clouds” has enabled the average Joe/Jane to appropriately classify his/her posts to allow the rest of the world to locate the relevant information for which they are searching.

To make my point, I searched the latest “Hot Searches” on Google and will tag them.  Let´s see if this post receives more hits than my previous three posts as a result.  The “Hot Searches” I will tag from this weekend are as follows: Emmy’s, Torrey Smith, Tracy Morgan, Steve Sabol, Raiders, Chicago Bears, Jessica Lange, UFC, and Mumford and Sons.


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