I Know, Dad – Professional Attire

I have tried to relate the topics of the “I Know, Dad” series to relevant experiences I have had recently, but I’m actually writing this one in conjunction with something Dad’s got going on.  A lawyer by trade, Dad starts a new trial today, so I’m going to take the opportunity to talk a little about appropriate attire and professionalism.  Dad has been preaching these lessons to me since I wore my first suit, so, by now, they are second-nature.  Below you will find a few canons to live (dress) by for important commitments.  Have a look, but if you missed my other post about clothing tips, you might want to check it out here first.

If you were to see Dad in court today, you would notice a few things:

1. He will be clean-shaven.

Unless you have conservatively groomed facial hair, you ought to be clean-shaven the day of a trial, interview, or other type of important work engagement.  Scruff is unacceptable.

2. He will be wearing a solid navy suit with a white shirt.

The most conservative suit is solid blue navy and the most conservative dress shirt is solid white.  Thus, for important job-related occasions, these are imperative.

3. He will be wearing a perfectly straight “power tie.”

This article online is most congruent with what my father has explained to me a “power tie” ought to be.  Essentially, a vibrant, solid color tie (especially red) which indicates power and confidence.  Your first impression can also be your last impression if it is a poor one, so it’s important to demonstrate these qualities immediately in any work environment.

4. Not that he has any, but, if he did, all of his tattoos and piercings would be completely hidden.

Because Dad is old-school, he does not have nor will he ever have a tattoo or a piercing.  And, with the exception of earrings for my sister, as long as the two of us would like to remain living under his roof, we must abstain from tattoos and piercings as well.  I don’t intend to find out if he’s bluffing.

You’ll notice I didn’t worry about varying my word choice with respect to using the adjective “conservative.”  That’s because when it comes to professionalism and attire, Dad has always preached that it’s better to dress conservatively.  “It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.  You don’t ever want to be underdressed.”  With that in mind, I can guarantee that Dad is at least as well dressed as the other attorney today, if not  better.  Good luck Pop!

PS. I didn’t want to include it above because I didn’t want to disrupt the continuity of the post, but this link will take you to an excellent website that ought to help you learn and/or improve your tie-tying abilities.  Tie-a-Tie has definitely helped me out those times Dad wasn’t there to lend a hand.


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  1. Donna Sonageri · · Reply

    I love reading your blogs! I have a notebook of all the ones about dad. They are both informative and very funny!

    love you


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