Journalism 2.0 – Pandemic

After a class last week in which we discussed digital storytelling, I was intrigued to find more examples of this unique type of journalism.  Following a Google search, I came across the following article on Mashable which you can find here.  The article was written by Layla Revis, an Ogilvy public relations representative, and is a composition of various examples of “Inspiring Digital Storytelling.”  All are extremely impressive and worth taking a look at.  However, my favorite example is something called Pandemic.  The reason I found Pandemic particularly interesting is that it is not only a digital story but also a movie and a game that ties into real life.  Essentially, a movie director by the name of Lance Weiler wrote and directed a movie for the 2011 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and named it Pandemic.  However, he simultaneously created the Pandemic Website, which is the game aspect that connects to real life.  While at the festival, attendees had the opportunity to search out special items in order to help stop the spread of a virus.  However, people who weren’t at the festival could get involved with the game also by interacting online.  These individuals could agree to aid the festival-goers in various ways in stopping the virus or they could facilitate the spread of the virus by participating in other ways.  An extremely novel concept, Weiler’s work got a lot of attention at the festival and was generally considered a hit.  Since the festival is over, you are no longer able to play the game but you can still see how it worked by checking out the website.  Spoiler alert – no one was able to stop the Pandemic as 35 of the 150 special items were not turned in!  Lastly, I actually really enjoyed the short film, so I’ve put it below if you want to watch it also.  Keep in mind there is some violence and it is not intended for a young audience.


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