I Know, Dad – Health

After a long weekend during which I got far too little sleep, I thought it would be appropriate to write an “I Know, Dad” post on health.  See below.  An apple a day keeps the doctor away folks.
1) You need to sleep more.
Everyone loves sleeping.  The problem is that getting enough of it is much easier said than done.
a) An hour of sleep before midnight is worth twice as much as an hour after midnight.
An old proverb that I obviously fought furiously throughout my teens.  I’ve yet to research its medical accuracy, but I’ve generally accepted that his ultimate goal was just to get me into bed earlier, knowing I would probably sleep until the same time the next morning anyway.  Parents are crafty.
b) No electronics before bed.
This one I know is medically accurate, but I still tend to ignore it much too frequently.  We’re all too connected nowadays anyway, aren’t we?  While there are several medical studies that support this notion, I’ll leave you just this brief U.S. News World and Report article here for time’s sake.
2) You are hurting your eyesight and hearing with all your electronics.
I find this is pretty typical of my generation in general and have a feeling it’s going to come back to bite us in the long run.
a) Sit farther away from the television.
My Dad has had glasses for most of his life, so it’s understandable that he would try and protect my eyesight.  Unfortunately, I’ve also had glasses most of my life, so it’s hard to tell whether I ignored his advice too frequently or just inherited his crappy-eyesight genes.
b) Lower the volume.
This goes for just about everything.  Whether it’s the television, radio, or your MP3 player, the volume is likely too high.  I haven’t had any problems yet thankfully, and hopefully it’s not a problem in the future either.
a) Stand up straight.
I had to mention this even though it’s unrelated to the other topics just because it’s probably Dad’s favorite and probably my most frequent offense.  As my Grandpa used to, Dad often points out that I’m slouching.  Blame it on the rise of computers, but either way we need to be more cognizant of our posture.

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