Journalism 2.0 – Marketing

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to see the new James Bond movie in Berlin before it was released in the United States.  Skyfall was, in my opinion, an excellent film that tied in many elements from older Bond films in really unique ways.  I also think that Daniel Craig is the best Bond since Sean Connery, but I’ll stop before I give something a way for those who haven’t seen it.  The purpose of this post is actually to discuss how Journalism 2.0 plays a role in marketing these days, and how Skyfall used a series of viral promotions to gain momentum leading up to the movie’s release.  Here are some of the campaigns the Skyfall marketing team conjured up to build hype:

1.  The Skyfall team released a sneak preview of an underwater fight scene on Youtube weeks before the movie’s opening night.  In the clip the director and stunt coordinator describe to the viewer how some of the behind-the-scenes stuff works, offering some pretty cool insight to the viewer.  The preview is below.

2.  The Sykfall team also launched a “Crack the Case” competition in partnership with Heineken (who, unfortunately, is striving to replace Bond’s classic shaken-not-stirred martini).  This competition features a video clip in which a random individual (who presumably could be you, the viewer), gets mixed up in a bit of the Bond action in a train chase.  Users are invited to go on to the Facebook page in an effort to solve the case.  The video below.

3.  New sensation Adele was charged with the task of singing the Skyfall theme song this year, and helped contribute to the marketing campaign by tweeting a picture of the sheet music from her official account, which you can see here.  Adele also posted on Facebook with the details of the song’s release here and an option to pre-order the song on iTunes.  The song is out now, and you can buy it here, if you’d like.

4.  The last and my favorite of the Bond promotions was an awesome stunt Coca-Cola arranged for its Coke Zero drink in coordination with Skyfall.  Here’s the description from the Youtube video: “Coke Zero challenged unsuspecting train passengers to unlock the 007 in them for their chance to win exclusive tickets for the new James Bond movie SKYFALL.  However, the exclusive tickets weren’t free. People had to go the extra mile and unlock their inner 007 in less than 70 seconds to win.”  Watch the video below to understand – this was incredible and went viral almost immediately.  There was a tremendous amount of chatter on the web about the event and the video made its way around tons of different sites.  It would be nearly impossible to quantify how much this promotion benefited the movie, but people definitely took notice.

PS.  The Skyfall team also maintained a “James Bond 007” Youtube Channel found here, that has nearly a hundred videos including interviews of the actors and snippets from older Bond classics, such as Octopussy, featuring Roger Moore.


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