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Read This – Life Hacks

More from Household Hacker this week; these guys never cease to impress.  There are a couple of repeats but the rest are definitely worthwhile.  My favorite is the lip balm tip.  Post in the comments which one is yours. And, if that wasn’t enough, they added another for wine-lovers.  If you managed to misplace the […]

Read This – Things You’re Doing Wrong

I came across this article yesterday and by the end was laughing because its ridiculous suggestions are actually extremely sensible and super helpful.  A bonus is that most of them are related to food, arguably everyone’s favorite topic.  And if you’re eating food (and are 21 in the U.S.), you might want a drink, so […]

Read This – Clothing Hacks

Here in Barcelona the weather is wonderful and it rarely ever rains.  This ultimately translates into most city residents hanging their clothing to dry on a clothes line, rather than putting them in a dryer.  This is just fine, but if you are like most people, you find ironing incredibly boring and tedious.  I’ve found […]

Read This – Kitchen Hacks

Now that you understand the nature of the ¨Read This¨ series, the posts will be much shorter and to the point.   I will continue with the previous ¨Life Hacks¨ theme for this post, only this time we are shifting our focus to the kitchen.  If you are like me, you will have only heard of […]

Read This – Introduction and Life Hacks

I would like to introduce you to something that my entire family is extremely familiar with, something I have jokingly termed “Read This,” which will be the title of another string of posts on my blog.  If you are a Sonageri and you are in a hurry, keep your head down and eyes off the […]